The day one in quantum security

After a long period of research and development in the field of quantum technologies, levelQuantum is officially born. We are an innovative startup founded by Magda Stobinska, a quantum physicist, and Adam Buraczewski, a computer engineer, both with decades of professional experience in building cutting-edge technologies. We are situated at PoliHub, an excellent innovation park and startup accelerator located at Milano Bovisa.

Our company deals with quantum cryptography, an emerging method for perfectly secure data exchange which relies on the laws of quantum physics. Our approach is totally disruptive as it allows one to efficiently exchange cryptographic keys for information sharing intercontinentally and in space, without the need of routing expensive optical fibers, and without a risk of unnoticed tampering or eavesdropping by threat actors. With quantum physics we achieved the impossible.

We provide a whole portfolio of products for financial, telecom and IT sectors, including our hardware protection against many types of cyberattacks and ransomware, full integration with IT and cloud infrastructures, flexible plugins and interfaces for e-commerce and industrial solutions.

Invest in the future by staying at the forefront of the quantum revolution. Protect your and your customers’ invaluable data with unbreakable quantum cryptography today.

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