Increased efficiency in IT departments

 They also increase the efficiency of the IT departments which could rely on our solution for detecting threats and offering higher cybersecurity to their customers. They enable shortening the time needed to respond to a cybersecurity incident and will make a paradigm shift in designing and building distributed data networks in large organizations and telecoms.

What is QKD?

Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) enables secure communication using quantum mechanics. The two parties can create a random secret shared key that can later be used to encrypt and decrypt messages.

An important and unique feature of QKD is the ability to detect eavesdropping attempts by third parties and obtain information about the key. This is due to the fundamental properties of quantum mechanics: the measurement process of a quantum system disrupts its state. A third party attempting to wiretap must measure the state of this system, thus introducing noise that can be measured. Our key exchange protocol can detect any eavesdropping attempts based on the phenomena of quantum entanglement. If the amount of the eavesdropped information exceeds a certain threshold the given key is discarded and the system proceeds to generating another random key.

The security of our solution does not rely on trusting any parts of the quantum device. This is the first, truly unconditional security QKD system.