The company aims at developing applied quantum technologies

Quantum protocols and devices that are based on quantum effects, offering functionalities that surpass the existing technologies in the areas of: security of information transfer, sensitivity of measurements, speed and accuracy of computations.


Magdalena Stobińska


Adam Buraczewski

General Manager

Giulio Busulini

Quantum Engineer

Riccardo Arpe

Magdalena Stobińska, CEO

Magdalena is a professor at the Institute of Informatics of the University of Warsaw and a leader of the Quantum Technologies Research Group. She holds a PhD degree in theoretical physics (2007), a habilitation degree in physical sciences (2015) and Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale in theoretical physics (02/B2) (2022). She was distinguished with Alexander von Humboldt, Marie Curie, Foundation for Polish Science and Outstanding Young Scientist’s fellowships.

Magdalena specializes in quantum information processing, covering a broad range of high-tech applications from communication and cryptography, through metrology to quantum computation and quantum algorithms. Her groundbreaking ideas have been already demonstrated in numerous experiments at top research institutions in Europe and beyond.

Magdalena is the Principal Investigator and Coordinator of numerous research projects, including European MSCA Innovative Training Network AppQInfo. Her collaboration network covers influential European and international research institutions, quantum business entrepreneurs and space agencies.

Adam Buraczewski, CTO

Adam’s experience in IT and, in particular, in software development and engineering, covers almost 30 years of work in various institutions, companies and projects. He has graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology in 1998, but he also possesses a PhD in Computer Science (2015). His specialization area ranges from numerical modeling of quantum systems, databases to high-performance data processing and visualization. Adam has devoted his career to building unique software solutions which underpin numerous businesses and devices.

Adam has been participating in numerous research projects, covering quantum physics, medical devices and space sector. 

Riccardo Arpe, Quantum Engineer

Riccardo obtained a Master’s degree in Engineering Physics, specializing in photonics and quantum optics, from Politecnico di Milano (2023), where he also collaborated with the photonics research group.

His main works revolve around universal photonics processors UPPs, in particular, their calibration and packaging.

Riccardo is enthusiastic about quantum information and quantum technologies in general, especially in trying to transform them into real-world applications.

Giulio Busulini, General Manager

Giulio Busulini is an independent senior consultant who cooperates with a wide range of networks of educational and scientific institutions across the United States and Europe. A former diplomat and entrepreneur, he helps institutions and businesses to strategically innovate, build partnerships, negotiate internationally, and be successful in a competitive global market.

Between 2010 and 2019, he served as Science and Technology Advisor at the Italian Embassy in Washington. In this position, he worked with US federal agencies. Building on this experience, he is now an advisor at the Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at George Washington University (GWU) and a visiting scholar at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) and the Italian Research Council (CNR). He is also an advisor to institutions such as the Italian Ministry of Defense, the Space Economy Evolution Lab and DEVO Lab at the Bocconi School of Management (SDA), the Italian national cluster on advanced manufacturing, Fabbrica Intelligente, and the Italian National Laboratory on Cybersecurity. He has also been engaged as a strategic consultant in the field of national security between the United States and Europe.