levelQuantum selected by NATO for DIANA program

The Italian start up has been selected among more than 1300 innovative companies for the acceleration program by NATO for its disruptive technology for the cyber security.

After a long period of research and development in the field of quantum communications, today levelQuantum, an innovative woman-led startup, incubated at PoliHub in Milan, announces their selection to the highly competitive NATO Defence Innovation Accelerator for the North Atlantic (DIANA) program.

This excellent opportunity will bring us to the NATO ecosystem where we will learn how to pursue a dual-use business, build trust and partner with our future early adopters in the military sector. We are proud to contribute with our quantum-based unconditionally secure communications to the improvement of cybersecurity in NATO countries.” says Magda Stobinska, the CEO of levelQuantum.

levelQuantum was founded in 2022 by two researchers, Magda Stobinska, a quantum physicist, and Adam Buraczewski, computer engineer, both with decades of experience in developing cutting-edge technologies. The company deals with quantum communications, an emerging method which allows one to send encrypted information in a way that is ultimately secured by quantum physics.

At the advent of quantum computers, international hacking groups, and ransomware spreading across the whole Internet, this will be the only scheme to counteract against many types of cyberattacks. levelQuantum will provide secure connections through a constellation of quantum satellites, as well as integration with existing IT infrastructures of banks, telecoms and data centers.

NATO DIANA is a new program targeted to innovative startups, launched this year across all NATO allies. It provides deep tech and dual-use innovators with access to NATO resources including grant funding, acceleration services, and pathways to adapt their solutions for defense and security needs.

For the Secure Information Sharing Challenge, to which levelQuantum has been selected, DIANA was looking for ways of creating a secure and trusted information environment – with the emphasis on live data streams such as those used to provide near real-time video, augmented reality feeds, digital radio and more. Of particular interest were hardware and software solutions that operate over open networks and that can function in harsh environments.

Thanks to DIANA program, levelQuantum will not only gain access to early adopters and dual-use business leaders and investors, but also it will have opportunity to validate their disruptive quantum technology in a network of affiliated NATO Test Centers and take part in the wide acceleration program, boosting the startup’s business abilities. In this way, levelQuantum will contribute to the excellence of Italian leading quantum and cybersecurity industries.

By investing in quantum communications, one empowers a disruptive, cutting-edge quantum technology which has a high potential for immediate applications in securing our personal, financial and business data, which are constantly under attack by various threat actors.

About levelQuantum

levelQuantum is the most relevant start up devoted to provide unconditional security power by quantum technologies founded by Magda Stobinska, a quantum physicist and a professor at the University of Warsaw, and Adam Buraczewski, computer scientist and a telecommunications engineer. LevelQuantum, based in Milan (Italy), has developed a revolutionary protocol that employs quantum entanglement to perform unbreakable security in digital communications.



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