Levelling up your security

levelQuantum is a company of experienced physics researchers and engineers, dedicated to providing unconditional security to your communications.

Fiber – based QKD

Quantum key distribution over optical fiber allows two parties to share a secret key for data encryption encoded as a quantum state – and quantum physics proves that it is impossible for it to be compromised!

Free – space QKD

Quantum key distribution can be performed across free space using radio towers or drones as intermediate stations, without any need of fibers – providing secure communications to two parties separated by larger distances.

QKD over satellites

Quantum key distribution can even be done between two remote locations on Earth using satellites – forming a global network of secure quantum communication.

Harness the power of quantum physics and upgrade your security with levelQuantum


Weak cryptographic schemes have various assumptions which open avenues for attacks. Our protocols close these security loopholes – providing completely zero-trust communication.


levelQuantum is a company of experienced researchers – working hard to deliver unparalleled security for you and your business!

Our team has decades of experience in research, industry and teaching. Our security protocols are based on published research and our CEO was even instrumental in drafting the very first standards of quantum key generation and distribution.

We have a vision of securing the entire worlds communications using our state-of-the-art protocols employing quantum physics. Data leaks due to weak cryptography will soon become a relic of the past.